My love of the breed began when I was a young girl of 12. My first Poodle (a black female standard) soon convinced me that she was much more than "just a dog". I came to recognize and understand her superior level of intelligence and aptitude as a quality unique to the Poodle. What a true and excellent companion. Since then, Standard Poodles have been a significant part of my life.

When I married my Husband, he was not a pet person. Very soon however, he came to realize and appreciate the virtues of the breed. He found Poodles easily endeared themselves to him and he quickly adopted a love of having them as part of his life.

Upon retirement we decided to pursue our passion for Poodles in a breeding program that would be a shared hobby We realised that to breed poodles they should be proven to be of sound structure and temperament. We also undertook showing our dogs both in conformation and obedience..

Our aim is to produce healthy, well socialised purebred Standard Poodles. Our goal is to breed selective, planned and occasional litters of high quality dogs that exemplify the best of the breed.

Our foundation bitch was a fabulous girl from a champion breeder. She proved to have a sound temperament and was very intelligent. When she matured we embarked on our breeding program under our new Kennel name, BEAUCANICHE (beautiful, noble, poodle).

We consider our Poodles as members of our family. They live and play in our home happily and care freely. They are loved and cared for unconditionally, as they, in turn, love and are devoted to us. The love of a Poodle can truly change your life.

Elsa, my first standard poodle

*We are Members in Good Standing
with the following clubs.
*Membership(s)allow us to remain current with information relative to Standard Poodles
and dog breeding in general.

The United Poodle Association
The Canadian Kennel Club
The German Shepherd Dog Club of London (all breed ckc club)

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