Health Testing

We have copies of all health testing done; and subsequent results. All test results are available for your perusal. Also test results are available on the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals Site.
All are also included in all puppy packages.
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We have all our breeding stock x-rayed and graded for hip dysplasia. All have good reports from the Ontario Veterinary College or through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OVC ceased testing of Hip Dysplasia). We also ascertain that Studs used in our program have been tested and have passing reports.

Click on the link to see a brief explanation of Hip Dysplasia.Hip Dysplasia


Both Sire and Dam are tested through Echocardiogram(s) to have healthy hearts. A Standard Poodle with Atrial Septal Defect is born with a heart in which the interatrial septum has not developed completely. The heart has a hole in the muscular wall, or septum, separating the upper chambers of the heart, the right atrium and left atrium. Symptoms of Atrial Septal Defect are difficulty breathing, weakness, intolerance to exercise, and in severe cases, heart failure. ASD often presents as a heart murmur. Diagnosis of ASD can be confirmed with echocardiography. All Beaucaniche Poodles have received auscitation and echocardiograms with normal results.

Click on the link to read an indepth article from Purina about Atrial Septal Defect in Standard Poodles.Atrial Septal Defect


We have all our Breed Poodles tested yearly by a Board Certified Veterinary Opthamologist. The results of testing are recorded with the CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation). All the Standard Poodles that are used in our breeding program have normal eye results.

Click here for information of Standard Poodle Eye Disorders.Eye Tests


Three samples of skin and hair are obtained from our Breeding Poodles. These samples are examined by a Veterinary Pathologist and are found to be normal with no presence of sebaceous adenitis. We have diligently tested our poodles for this test in the past on a yearly basis. But find it to be a very invasive test and the results are only a snapshot of the skin on the poodle at that particular time. Having tested does not mean that the breeding dog may show symptoms of Sebaceous Adenitis at a later time. And it is not a given that their offspring may or may not have it. It is not a genetic test that offers a definitive result.

Click here for information about Sebaceous Adenitis and Standard Poodles.Sebaceous Adenitis


All of our Poodles are either clear through Parentage or through DNA vWD test. Clear through Parentage means that both Dam and Sire of our Poodle are clear of Vwd through DNA test. The DNA test is done through Vetgen and involves swabbing the gums for DNA evidence. This evidence is subsequently examined and tested for the mutation that causes the disease.

Click here for information about Von Willebrand's DiseaseVon Willebrand's

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