Beaucaniche Standard Poodles
Standard Poodle Groom and Maintenance Requirements.
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Grooming of Puppies

Poodles have a dense curly coat that does not shed. They require regular brushing and trimming.

The best way to introduce bathing, blow drying and clippering is when the puppies are young. We trim the puppy's faces, tails and paws when they are 4 weeks of age. We also clip their toe nails every week. As they mature we gradually switch from clipping the toenails to dremelling (grinding them). Usually when they are five weeks old they get their first bath. They are blown dry with a High Velocity Dryer set at a low setting. This acclimates them to the grooming process very young and makes it easier for you (or the professional groomer) to groom them. Because their fur does not shed they do require brushing, combing and clipping throughout their lifetime. It is better to introduce them to this process when they are young. We clip their faces on a weekly basis after four weeks. When you get your puppy he/she will already be accustomed to being groomed.

We are happy to help you if you wish to groom your puppy yourself. We will give you a grooming lesson.


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